“Sweet Baby Emily Ruby Grace, born 9/8/18 at 12:40 am
Delivered by daddy!

Denby, it was the perfect birth experience! Thanks to you and HypnoBirthing definitely made a world of difference!!

So contractions picked up as we were still doing our session yesterday and later in the process when we finished listening to track #4 i went into transition and 40 min later she was born!!!

So beautiful and we are beyond blessed.”

“This one is a little silly, we took it right after the midwife confirmed I was at 10 cm fully dialed couple min after we listened to track #4 😁

“This is our wonderful midwife Suwan next to my husband! When she saw I was ready to push, she offered my husband to deliver and just stood there like he was in charge! He felt so important 😂

What a beautiful welcome for sweet baby Emily!!! — with Anya Merritt.Welcome to the world and Happy Birth Day, sweet baby Emily Ruby Grace!







We only have one opportunity to grow, nurture and prepare for our baby’s welcome into this world!  You and your family deserve the VERY Best, and I can help you achieve just that!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!  I love to help!!! 

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Are you ready for a fearless, confident birth experience for you and your baby??? 

If not, this class will get you and your birth companion feeling confident about birth!  

Let’s get rid of the negative birth stories you’ve heard, and create your own positive story!


  • More calm and control during labor
  • A more positive and empowering birth experience
  • Less pain relief & less risk of medical interference
  • Even a shorter labor is possible

It all starts here!  If you’re ready, I am more than ready!  Register today and join all of the others who have taken the class and seen the difference.  

It’s not only beneficial for you and your birth companion….It is SO BENEFICIAL for YOUR BABY!  This is one class you need to fit into your schedule!

You will be SO HAPPY you did!

Total investment is $275.  You will receive your HypnoBirthing Book, Download Card, CD and a packet filled with wonderful supplemental info and all of my support throughout your journey!

Call/text or email Denby, to register today!

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HypnoBirthing® is a tried and proven method that guides and prepares a woman in giving birth in a peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful manner. It is a program that considers the psychological, as well as the physical, well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and the newborn.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • Special breathing
  • Relaxation
  • Visualization/Meditative Practice
  • How Fear Affects Labor & Birth
  • Attention to Nutrition
  • Positive Body Toning  

** New classes are always forming!! **

**Classes may be added to the Labor of Love Birth Center in Lutz based on upon interest!**

**Dates subject to change, so please call/text or email Denby to confirm and RSVP: (803) 667-1371**

Join Denby for an upcoming HypnoBirthing® Series & learn how to eliminate the fear that creates pain in labor!  Your baby will thank you!!!

Call/Text or Email to Register Today:  803-667-1371 ~ hypnobirths@yahoo.com