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Hello Denby!

I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful things you taught me and my husband. I feel so confident and secure, really, I’m ready to have this baby, I trust my body and I feel so powerful and capable. HypnoBirthing completely changed my mind and in a really positive way. I know my hypno-water birth will be amazing! We are planning to videotape everything, and to take a lot of pictures and I will show them to you later.

I’ve been practicing a lot with the CD’s and every time it’s easier for me to get relax and get deeper into relaxation, I just can’t explain with words how great I feel while I’m practicing self hypnosis. I know my birthing day will be the most wonderful day of my life. Again, thank you so much! Let’s keep in touch 😉 xoxo

It is so important to have a healthy mind, body and spirit to fully support a healthy pregnancy and baby!  So, I’ve added a new Birth Affirmations Page to help you accomplish just that!  Here’s the first one:

♥  “Sweet baby, I trust your wisdom. I have faith that you know better than any of us earthside. I know the veil is so thin for you that you are connected to the truth. I will not interfere with that pureness. I will only have patience, trust and faith.”

Check the Birth Affirmations Page for even more inspiration! ♥