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“Sweet Baby Emily Ruby Grace, born 9/8/18 at 12:40 am
Delivered by daddy!

Denby, it was the perfect birth experience! Thanks to you and HypnoBirthing definitely made a world of difference!!

So contractions picked up as we were still doing our session yesterday and later in the process when we finished listening to track #4 i went into transition and 40 min later she was born!!!

So beautiful and we are beyond blessed.”

“This one is a little silly, we took it right after the midwife confirmed I was at 10 cm fully dialed couple min after we listened to track #4 😁

“This is our wonderful midwife Suwan next to my husband! When she saw I was ready to push, she offered my husband to deliver and just stood there like he was in charge! He felt so important 😂

What a beautiful welcome for sweet baby Emily!!! — with Anya Merritt.Welcome to the world and Happy Birth Day, sweet baby Emily Ruby Grace!







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